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EXXXtreme Sheets blanket is super-soft PU-coated nylon top blanket to keep warmer after getting wet. This blanket is for Full Size bedding with this item being 79 inch by 56 inch. Being 100% waterproof also makes the EXXXtreme Sheets Blanket very easy to clean up afterwards. Made from PU-coated nylon this blanket is body safe and a great choice for all users. Just add your favorite Water Based Lubricant to shine the sheet up. After use, carefully wash the sheet with water and use cornstarch dusted on the sheet to keep it from bonding to itself. Color: Black Materials: PU-coated Nylon.Size: Full Size Mattress 79" x 56"

Ignite Exxxtreme Sheets Blanket Throw

SKU: SN95207
IVA excluido
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